7 Reasons A Keratin Lash Lift Is the Best Option During Covid-19

Everyone covets that “woke up like this” look. A way that they can look and feel beautiful as soon as they roll out of bed with little to no effort. As it has boomed in popularity recently, lash extensions are doing exactly that!

However, the only downfall to lash extensions is the fact that they need filling. During this time of the novel coronavirus, it might be tough (or impossible) for you to get regular appointments at your favorite lash spot. The solution? Keratin lash lifts!

What is a keratin lash lift?

Some might call a keratin lash lift a “lash perm,” which comes very close to describing what it is. A keratin lash lift is a chemical process that is much safer than the old way of doing lash perms. The old process just wasn’t as effective and posed too many threats to the safety of the delicate eye area. With the Keratin Lash Lift there the extra step of infusing keratin into your lashes to build protein for healthier stronger eyelashes.

Now, we use a very safe and gentle solution that softens the hair just so that it has the opportunity to form around a shield that is secured to the eyelid.

What is the keratin lash lift process?

First, we do a consultation to determine the ideal shield size for your lashes. Next, we will decide if we’re going to add a lash tint as well – this part is totally up to you!

The shield is applied to your eyelid with a skin-safe adhesive while gel pads are placed below the bottom lash line. The shield is coated in the same skin-safe adhesive that is used to keep it in place and your lashes are carefully brushed into the adhesive.

Once each and every lash is on the adhered to the shield, we apply the lift solution to the lashes and let it sit for an amount of time that depends on the thickness of your lashes – usually around 10-15 minutes.

Once the lift solution finishes its lifting process, we remove it and apply a setting solution to set your lift or your curl in their new form.

Lastly all of the adhesive is removed and then you and your beautiful lashes are set for 6-8 weeks!

What are the benefits of a keratin lash lift?

Lash lifts are the best way to keep you lashes looking flawless during COVID-19 for so many reasons! Here are a few of them:

1. They last for 6-8 weeks

If you’re stuck at home for a while or just can’t get to the salon, you have nothing to worry about when you get a lash lift. There’s zero maintenance when it comes to keeping up a lash lift, so you’ll be flaunting fresh and beautiful lashes for up to two months allowing you to reduce visits for services with longer lasting results. You’ll know it’s time to get another lash lift when you look in the mirror and feel the need to apply mascara before you leave the house.

2. They’re hassle-free

No more glue, eyeliner, loose lashes, or mascara. One lash lift and you’re good to go for weeks! Sometimes, it takes so many different products for us to get the lashes we desire that we stop to think, “is this worth it?” Well, if you’re a lash enthusiast like we are, you know that the answer is always, “yes.” However, with a keratin lash lift, you don’t have to worry about putting in any effort unless you choose, because your lashes will be ready to go from the moment you wake up.

3. Zero extensions

Extensions are an amazing alternative to mascara and strip lashes, but they’re just not for everyone. Besides the fact that they need to be filled every so often, some people prefer the natural lash look, but they need a little bit of a curl and mascara to get the look they want. Well, with a keratin lash lift, you can finally have that natural lash look without any synthetic products hanging onto your lashes all day long. A lash lift just helps to bring out that beauty you already have!

4. Everyday look

A keratin lash lift gives you a look that’s appropriate for any occasion. Your lashes will look simple enough to wear with no makeup, but they can also be worn with full eye makeup without the fear that they’ll be lost in the pigment.

5. WOW factor

Even though a lash lift isn’t necessarily adding anything to your natural lashes, the results are dramatic, especially for those with short lashes, straight lashes or lashes that grow in a outward or downward direction. This can also make a difference for eyelashes that are curly. Suddenly, your lashes look longer or curlier, and you look more doe-eyed than ever before! Despite the fact that there are no extensions on your natural lashes, it will be nearly impossible for people not to notice your eyelashes after.

6. They’re safe

How many times have pinched your lid while curing your lashes? or crimped your lashes completely off? Everyone’s done it at least once! With a keratin lash lift, you don’t have to worry about any of those beauty hazards in your routine.

If you usually opt for a strip lash or individual lashes when you’re getting ready for the day (or night), lash lifts can save you from a world of trouble, too. Many store-bought lash glues contain harmful ingredients that put you at risk for infection and irritation.

7. Anyone can get one

Come one, come all and get your lashes done today! Keratin lash lifts are suitable for all lash types – even short, straight, and thin ones. We’ve never met a lash we couldn’t make more noticeable with a curl or lift! There’s practically no reason to not get a keratin lash lift during COVID-19.

Treat yourself to a little bit of much-needed self-care and book an appointment at Lash Me Now, today. We’re following all of the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff and our customers. During these trying times, it’s important for us to do everything we can to contribute to a happy and healthy society – that includes making you look and feel good!

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