How To Care For Your Lash Extensions In The Summer

Humidity will definitely break down lash adhesive faster, resulting in less lash retention. We know it's a pain, but we are here to help! Here are a few tips to help your lashes look gorgeous all Summer long.

1. Avoid being outdoors for long periods of time when the humidity is high

Heat and humidity are lash extensions worst enemy. They break down the adhesive prematurely, so it's best just to stay cool when possible.

2. Wear big sunglasses when it rains

This will protect your lashes while the adhesive is drying. It's important to keep your lashes dry, especially for the first 24-48 hours after initial application so the adhesive has time to set.

3. Fan your lashes after they get wet

Whether it's from showering, sweating, or swimming, it's best to reduce the time your lashes stay wet. If water sits on your lashes, then you risk the moisture weakening the adhesive which may result in your extensions falling out sooner than normal. We recommend the Xtreme Lashes Mini Fan. This product helps keep your lashes in great shape even while on the go! It's smaller than a smartphone, so use is easy and convenient.

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4. Request to try a stronger adhesive (Nova Lash adhesive)

It's a medical grade lash adhesive that holds retention through humidity, sweat, water, and oils. Be aware that this lash glue is not best suited for everyone, especially those with sensitive eyes.

5. Schedule your appointment earlier

We recommend you schedule your appointment just three to four days before a full 3-week lash refill. This will help to ensure your lashes stay looking fresh and fabulous through the Summer. You'll be amazed at the difference three to four days can make!

6. Check with your lash stylist for the recommended time frame for your next lash refill appointment

Example: even if you are used to scheduling every four weeks in the cooler months of the year, your lash stylist may recommend you to come every three weeks to make up for the loss of lashes due to the Summer's harsher conditions.

7. Schedule the right type of appointment

We typically recommend scheduling a 75-minute lash refill, however, if you are missing more than 70% of lashes, schedule a 90-minute appointment if you prefer a fully lashed look.


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