Keep it together through Covid-19...

While we maintain social distancing and continue to maintain our beauty at home, here are a few items you may need to keep up your eyelashes and eyebrows and even a few skincare products you can add to your skincare regimen. These few beauty items were picked out with you in mind through Amazon's direct sellers for optimum quality.  Happy beauty shopping!

For your eyelashes...

OMD Double Lash Kit.png

Affordable Lash Serum that will grow your lashes in 4-6 weeks when you apply daily.

Boost your lashes on any day with this mascara & primer set

RevitaLash Lash & Brows serum package! Get results in 4-6 weeks when you apply daily.

Check out these magnetic strip lashes by Dr.Anika Goodwin.

Perfect lash remover set to use at home.

For your eyebrows...

The best proven brow serum ever. Use daily for maximum results.

Keep your  brows in place with WunderBrow brow definer that wont budge.

Shaping your own brows couldn't get easier.

For your skin...

No make up remover needed. Use water only with this Make up remover clothe. 

Get rid of dark circles, puffy eyes and fine line with these Eye Gel Pads once a day.

Allow your skin to get the most effective absorption of Vitamin C and your skin care products with a Derma roller. 

Enjoy the benefits of a jade stone face roller during your skincare routine.

Zit Killa Patch! Finally get rid of a zit faster and cuter than tooth paste. 

Plump and hydrate your lips.

Beauty Gadgets...

Get your beauty products organized in one place.

Cleaner brushes mean less break out, easier application, and long lasting brushes. 

See much clearer with this 7X's magnifying mirror with a suction to stick anywhere comfortable for you.

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